Make Your Company a Place Where Careers Are Made

Retaining your strongest talent is harder than ever.

Employees staying with companies for decades at a time are no longer the norm. So how do you help your top talent feel your company is a place where they can build a long-term career? By empowering them with the tools to do exactly that.

Public speaking. Effective time management. Leadership skills. All teachable principles, and all available to you and your employees within the empathiHR learning library.

Unmatched depth and breadth of learning in a platform that’s as easy to use as your favorite app—that’s the power of empathiHR.

Instantly Deliver Training Where It’s Needed

Each of your employees can access a personalized list of training courses through their own portal, where they’ll find a personalized list of requested training courses that they can easily manage and complete.

Access a Constantly Growing Content Library

Between our in-house production capabilities and partnerships with subject matter experts, your subscription gives you access to a perpetually growing library of content to expand your knowledge base

Simple & Streamlined Completion Tracking

Managers can view team member progress on specific training courses and learning paths. Set and track due dates, completion progress, and more—all within the empathiHR platform.

“Great careers are built on constant learning. EmpathiHR brings you the tools to make that learning part of what makes your company great.”

Randy Barker - Co-Founder/Partner