Teach Your Employees More Than Company Policy

Create a Sense of Company Purpose.

More than ever, employees want to work for companies with solid values and a strong sense of purpose - and companies benefit from their employees and leaders buying in.

Meanwhile, powerful movements like #MeToo and increased employee activism have brought the importance of a safe work environment to the forefront.

EmpathiHR is the platform for delivering memorable, effective and timely messages to your employees about your direction and values as an organization. Not only will your employees learn how to add to your culture, but they'll see how much your organization has to offer their own personal sense of purpose.

Access Our Complete Culture Learning Library

A simple, low monthly payment gives you access to our entire platform and content library, featuring training that covers everything that matters most to your organization and to your employees.

Engaging Content that Resonates

Professionally written and produced by subject matter experts, each video is designed to be more than a transfer of information. Connect on an emotional level with your employees and help them buy into your shared journey.

Easy-to-Use Interface, Unique to Each Employee

EmpathiHR makes it easy to deliver training to specific employees and roles. Each employee has their own account with a curated training syllabus and resource library based on their job duties and responsibilities.

Custom Content for Your Unique Organization

Looking for training that's not in our library? EmpathiHR features a full in-house production team and studio ready to produce exactly what you need - for less than you might think.