Mandated Learning

Get Compliant (Not Frustrated)

With empathiHR, keeping your organization compliant has never been easier.

Online Video Learning

Tracking & Training Compliance Just Became Easier

Assign specific training paths to their relevant roles and teams, track completion of training courses, and make materials always available so that employees can stay current and informed on company policy and industry regulations.

Operating a compliant workplace doesn’t need to get in the way of running your business. That’s the power of empathiHR.

Cloud-Based Video Library Available Anywhere

Access training anytime and from anywhere, allowing employees to complete training with more flexibility than ever before.

Streamlined Delivery for Specific Roles

Each employee’s unique login brings them direct access only to training that’s relevant to their specific role, duties, and requirements. No more time wasted on irrelevant training courses.

Expert Safety Training for a Range of Scenarios

From everyday safety training (slips and falls, ladder safety, etc.) to specific scenarios (active shooter, confined spaces), train your employees with expert content delivered in a streamlined interface that makes completion tracking instant and accessible.

Are you ready to stop dreading your compliance training process?

Let empathiHR help you get back to leading your business.

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