Help Your Employees Grow Beyond Their Work

In today’s job market, employees are looking for more than career development. They want to develop as individuals, and the best companies and organizations give them the opportunity to do that.

EmpathiHR gives you the chance to let your employees grow to fit their own personal interests, including everything from cooking and changing flat tires to remembering names and learning to ask for help.

When employees feel like their personal interests are supported by their employer, they feel empowered to perform better.

Instantly Deliver Training Where It’s Needed

Each of your employees can access a personalized list of training courses through their own portal, where they’ll find a personalized list of requested training courses that they can easily manage and complete.

Access a Constantly Growing Content Library

Between our in-house production capabilities and partnerships with subject matter experts, your subscription gives you access to a perpetually growing library of content to expand your knowledge base

Simple & Streamlined Completion Tracking

Managers can view team member progress on specific training courses and learning paths. Set and track due dates, completion progress, and more—all within the empathiHR platform.

“Your employees invest themselves into your business, empathiHR enables employers the opportunity to invest back into their employees.”

Chris Jeans - Co-Founder/Partner
Meet state requirements without missing business objectives.

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