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A single, streamlined platform with expertly produced courses covering company culture, HR compliance & essential learning.

Transform Your Company Culture

Attract & keep great employees and empower your company with industry-leading culture and individual learning

Make Compliance Easy

Compliance training isn’t always thrilling—but empathiHR makes it simple and streamlined

Simplify Your Training Process

Deliver essential learning for employees and management in a single, simple platform

Train Employees, Get Compliant, and Improve Company Culture with One Platform - At One Price

Strong Company Culture Has Never Been More Essential. With empathiHR, It’s Never Been More Possible.

Talented employees care more about their work environment and company culture than ever before. EmpathiHR helps you attract better talent, increase engagement, and improve work life & productivity with effective and affordable culture-shaping learning courses.

  • Establish Your Company Identity

    Great organizations are proactive about creating their identity. EmpathiHR provides the tools to begin that process.

  • Bring Your Company Culture Out of the Dark Ages

    Gone are the days of double standards for employees and executives—show your company that expectations for behavior and interactions are universal from the top-down.

  • Simple Progress Tracking

    Quickly assign training to specific roles and instantly track progress, due dates, and engagement.

Never Worry About Compliance Again. That’s the Power of empathiHR.

Complying with government regulations helps keep your employees safe and your company protected against fines and other costs. But managing compliance can lead to frustration, a huge strain on time, and indecision about how to proceed. EmpathiHR removes all this with location, and industry specific compliance training that puts your company exactly where you need to be.

  • Training for a Range of Compliance Needs.

    Find training for Harassment & Discrimination, Family Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, OSHA Safety, Red Flags, and more.

  • State-Specific Training

    Does your state have specific compliance regulations? EmpathiHR includes training for state requirements in CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, and NY.

  • Included Form Templates and Custom Form Hosting

    Our library includes templates for a range of relevant forms including Applications, New Hire processes, Employee Life Cycle, FMLA, ADA, Accident & Injury and more— plus the ability to upload your own forms to the empathiHR platform.

More Than Compliance Training

Why EmpathiHR?

EmpathiHR leverages decades of experience crafting company training and compliance content to go even further—from just what’s required by law to what’s necessary for a successful work environment.

Today, issues like inclusiveness, sexual conduct, and feelings of safety and security at work are top of mind for employees, management, and executive teams. But how do you communicate where you stand on these issues efficiently, effectively, and at a manageable cost?

EmpathiHR’s training platform delivers professionally produced and relevant content directly to your business. Not only do we offer a robust library of video content spanning the full range of training and culture shaping needs, but we deliver them in a user-friendly and highly intuitive training platform.

More Than Compliance Training

At empathiHR, we recognize that salary and benefits are no longer all that matter to talented employees. Company culture can no longer be a byproduct of employee interactions—companies have to be proactive in defining, redefining, and establishing their culture—then living that culture in the real world.

If you’re ready to turn your company into a place where everyone from entry-level employees to executive leadership can be proud of, you’ve just found your partner.

EmpathiHR leverages micro learning, when appropriate, as a more engaging, less-time consuming option to increase user comprehension and efficiency.

Invest in your people. Invest in your culture. Become a business with purpose.

Randy Barker | Co-Founder/Partner

Shaping Culture, One Training At a Time