HR Compliance and Risk Mitigation Solution

Basic Training Requirements for all Companies

Harassment & Discrimination, Retaliation, FMLA, and the ADA are often the most common workplace violations experienced by employers. However, these issues rarely receive the attention they deserve, until you find out you have a problem.

Every company's pain point...

We all know we should, and in many cases are legally required to train our employees and managers on issues like Harassment and Discrimination, Retaliation, FMLA and the ADA. However, do you understand the costs for failing to adequately train your staff or the mishandling of a situation?

Lawsuits and fines associated with violations for these standards are not going away. Recent examples include:

Whether you have 15 employees or 15,000 employees, your responsibility to comply with State and Federal training requirements are the same. The difference is the big guys have a much larger budget and team to address these issues.

empathiHR’s Complaince Package removes the guesswork and makes training your employees easy, without overly burdening your HR department.


Train your employee’s on a variety of topics, including compliance, while ensuring comprehension with robust reporting.

HR Consultation

Avoid unnecessary exposure to liability and provide a non-retaliatory 3rd party hotline for employees.

Video Documentation

Use video to document complainant and witness statements much quicker than traditional methods and before stories change.

How does empathiHR solve this?


empathiHR’s Compliance and Risk Mitigation Solution includes the training you need to deliver to your staff, regardless of the state(s) your business operates in. Training is delivered via our intuitive user interface with assessments and built-in reporting.

HR Consultation

Essential to reducing a company’s risk is having a defined process for employees to report grievances and concerns. With empathiHR’s Hotline service, you not only get a non-retaliatory 3rd party hotline, you also have a resource for Management to utilize in solving employee-related issues.

Video Documentation

We eliminate the majority of delays when launching a workplace investigation through the use of technology. We secure the statements of the complainant, witness(es), and the accused, all on video and within hours to one day of a complaint being made.

Training Included in the HR Compliance and Risk Mitigation Solution

Federal (Title VII) Harassment and Discrimination

Applies to all companies nationwide with 15 or more employees.

The following States require have mandated specific training:

  • New York Compliant Course

    Employers with 1 or more employees are required to provide harassment prevention training

  • California Compliant Course

    Employers with 5 or more employees must provide 1 hour of training to nonsupervisory employees and 2 hours of training for supervisors and managers once every two years

  • Delaware Compliant Course

    Employers with 50 or more employees must provide training to all employees

  • Illinois Compliant Course

    All employers or employers with employees working in Illinois must provide training

  • Maine Compliant Course

    All employers with 15 or more employees must provide training. Additional training required for Supervisory and Manager employees

  • Connecticut Compliant Course

    Employers with 3 or more employees must provide two hours of training to all employees.

    Employers with fewer than 3 employees must provide two hours of training to all supervisory employees

  • Anti-Discrimination for Managers

    Intended for front line supervisors and managers, this course is will help to make supervisors and managers aware of what actions and behaviors may be discriminatory and how to better communicate with and lead employees while avoiding discrimination, whether it be inadvertent or intentional.


  • Navigating the ADA, FMLA and Workers Compensation
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance for Managers


  • Understanding the FMLA for Managers
  • Administering the Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Understanding the FMLA for Employees


  • Emergency Contact Information in the Workplace
  • Run. Hide. Fight. Surviving an Active Shooter Event
  • Anti-Bullying

Platform Features

  • Course & Content Management
  • Assessments
  • Progress Tracking
  • User Roles and Permissions
  • Analytics
  • Security